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The “Art” of Creating an Orglamic Space

Annie’s new #orglamic Artisanal Collection is filled with nature-inspired pieces, each one exuding tone, texture and serenity (You can learn more about the collection in this post).


As always, we love to encourage you, as Annie would say, to, “finish the thought” in your space, by looking for the perfect decorative pillows, throws, light fixtures, artwork and mirrors to fill out the room, completing the design and making it happy and welcoming. After all, it’s the smallest details that can define a space.


We introduced a variety of new pieces of art and decorative mirrors with the launch of our Artisanal Collection, so we put together a brief guide on incorporating these pieces into your home to create the quintessential orglamic look! Here’s a glimpse at our new collection of artwork and mirrors (click any image to be directed to the collection on our website).


Put Art to Work

Find a piece of art (or two!) to be the star in your space!


Here, we show an oh-so-relaxed pink bedroom accented with coordinating Crystal Art that brings a subtle organic-ness to the plush furnishings and accessories. In this space, the large-scale piece of art is meant to stand alone and act as the focal point of the room.


This robin’s egg blue bedroom shows how art alone can make a huge impact on a space. With a larger scale piece above the bed (our Esprit Art) and two smaller coordinating pieces in the reading nook (our Swept Away Art), the room instantly feels warmer, more polished and just a bit more nature-infused. Plus, we’re big believers that a room can never have too much blue!


The walls of a neutral-hued living room are adorned with three of our Wood Grain Rings Art. Just as the previous two examples, these pieces stand alone beautifully and fill the negative space behind the sofa perfectly. The subtle colors of the wood-inspired art blend seamlessly amidst the grey, beige and ivory furnishings and accessories and tone down the modern vibe just a bit.



Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

A carefully-chosen mirror can add light & dimension to your space!


Our antiqued Norma Mirror adds a touch of glamour to the walls of a soft and feminine dressing room, and plays nicely with the organic grasscloth wallpaper in the space.


In the grey bedroom, our Facet Mirror fills the wall next to the bed perfectly, and lightens up the space. What could be more glamorous than a dramatic beveled glass mirror?


Organic Art + Glam Mirrors = An Orglamic Space

Pair up the perfect piece of nature-inspired art with a glamorous mirror


Combine a glamorous mirror with your favorite piece of “organic” art for the ultimate orglamic space.

Here, our Metro Mirror illuminates the space beautifully and acts as the focal point while a single Wood Grain Rings print fills the negative space between the mirror and the windows and adds the perfect touch of organic influence in this otherwise modern design.


We love hearing from you! Which new piece of Artisanal artwork or mirror is your favorite? How would you incorporate your favorite pieces into your own home?

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