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Between business and pleasure, Annie has been traveling for years. With the fun summer months and vacations approaching, we look to her for her tried and true traveling tips!

Annie breaks her process into two parts, how to pack and what to wear.

Perfect your Packing
1. About a week before you leave, start thinking about your travel needs, and check the weather report for your destination.
2. For maximum pairing possibilities, create a color palette based around a neutral like black, gray, or navy, and choose some bottoms based on it. For tops, Annie always packs several in white, and uses scarves, shawls, and jewelry to up the color quotient.
3. Lay out all your outfits on a bed or table, to make sure they work in person the way they work in your head and try on any items you haven’t yet worn together; you don’t want to find out while you’re on vacation that your favorite sweater just doesn’t go with your new trousers and boots.
4. While packing, take the time to neatly fold each piece of clothing. Not only does this save real estate in your suitcase, but it also minimizes wrinkling.
5. Minimize your shoes. These are space suckers and can easily tip your suitcase over the weight limit.
6. Keep extras of travel-sized toiletries and chargers! This way, you’ll never forget to pack what you need, and won’t risk losing your favorite products on your trip.
7. The day before your trip, set out your travel clothes. Which brings us to our next set of tips…

What to Wear?!
1. When traveling, always err on the side of practicality.
2. Tight-fitting clothes increase your risk of forming blood clots while sitting for long periods, and no matter how fab those strappy stilettos look, you’ll want to use them to kick yourself if you’re the one holding up the TSA line or if they prevent you from catching your connection.
3. Load on the layers! A single plane ride will cycle through multiple variations in temperature, from the stuffy on-the-runway lineup to the 30,000-foot chills. If you always find yourself a little chilly, pack a lightweight throw to cuddle up in!
4. Invest in a cute carry on! A roomy, patterned tote in washable polypropylene is our go-to bag for plane rides. Not only can you pack it like crazy and still smoosh it under the seat in front of you, but it also looks chic paired with a variety of destination outfits. Don’t forget to add your monogram to your tote to avoid any confusion!

Annie's Top Travel Tips! | Annie Selke's Fresh American Style

What are some of your top travel tips? Share in the comments below!

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