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Annie’s Tip of the Week: Pillow Talk

Do you remember the husband pillow, that lumpy, frumpy, two-armed monstrosity that was ubiquitous on late-night TV ads in the ’80s? While we appreciated the concept—it was designed to be a comfy back booster for reading or watching movies in bed—like a crummy boyfriend, the husband isn’t exactly a paragon of comfort, support, or good looks. And regardless of the fact that snazzed-up versions are being hawked today, we believe that in addition to being functional, a pillow should always be attractive . . . and should never, ever have cup holders or magazine slots.


If you’re a big fan of reading or watching TV in bed, take this tip from Annie and try a continental pillow instead. At 26” by 26” or larger, the continental is taller than a standard or king-size pillow set on its long end, so it offers better head and neck support without the excess side length that always winds up wrapping awkwardly around your shoulders or ears as you lounge. (If you’ve never tried setting a king-size pillow on its short end and smooshing it down behind you, don’t bother. Unless you enjoy the sensation of wearing a down-stuffed hat.)  The continental pillow is also the perfect size for providing just enough shoulder and arm support for holding up that paperback, Kindle, or iPad.

Annie loves that the continental pillow lends different proportions to the bed, helping to break up the long, low look. She always includes two across the back of her bed, and adds a third when she wants an extra bit of plush comfort.

Now it’s your turn: What’s your favorite type of pillow for reading or watching TV in bed?


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Mary January 3, 2013 at 6:20 pm

I love continental pillows, too. They are perfect for all the reasons you gave: back and neck support, and some height and framing behind the other standard bed and accent pillows.
I have 3 continentals which move around the various bedrooms as needed – I really use my continental pillows! I even have “regular” plain white pillowcases on them.
One thing I have never been able to find in this country is a variety of pretty pillowcases for a continental-size pillow. Shams – yes, plain-jane solid white pillowcases – yes, but not proper beautiful bed-linen-y pillowcases like those the French use.


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