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Annie’s Holiday Gift Picks

If you’ve been procrastinating on that holiday shopping list, we’ve got some news that will make you drop the mop (you didn’t really want to clean right now, anyway) and get your clicking finger ready: Annie’s been collecting tons of great gift ideas along her travels, and she just sent in her top picks for the season. She’s got suggestions for both the guys and the gals on your list—plus a few items you might want to snap up for yourself (don’t worry; we won’t tell)—so grab a hot chocolate with a splash of Baileys, and let’s go shopping.



  1. Shansu raw coffee and turquoise chip necklace 
  2. Sock Lady mittens 
  3. Escama Studio Leda pop-top cutout clutch
  4. VITA Lighting EOS feather pendant lamp shade
  5. Takenaka double bento box
  6. WOW wireless Bluetooth speakers
  7. Infusion Living Reforms BottleNet
  8. P&G Design Mini Pochi cell phone coin case strap
  9. Snowflake Crimson throw
  10. Candlewick Crimson Continental pillow
  11. Pinwheel Plum Shirt Tail Pajama
  12.  Linen Chenille robe
  13. Inkwell scarf
  14. Le Tote Navy/Fuchsia
  15. Normandy cosmetic bag
  16. Pocket Monkey multi-tool
  17. Deauville laptop/iPad case


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