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Annie’s Favorite Color Pops: Lemon & Tangerine

Ask any guy or gal on the street what they think of when they hear the words summer colors, and you’ll probably get a few dozen different answers. But for us, the hues that always come to mind first are the juiciest: citrusy lemon, lime, and tangerine, in all their fresh, bursting-with-energy glory. While Annie has never met a shade of lime or sprout she didn’t love, she’s most looking forward to combining tangerine and lemon yellow in her decorating this summer. Here’s why.


Orange and yellow are both warm, sunny tones, and sit cheek by jowl on the color wheel—making them a natural pairing for interior design (and even fashion; there’s a reason why Indian designers have been using this uncommon color combo on wedding saris for centuries). But despite their ability to be fast friends on everything from furniture to beddingwindow panels, throw pillows, and all sorts of accessories, they’re not used in tandem all that often in home décor. Today, Annie would like to rectify this egregious oversight by offering these picks for decorating with yellow and orange, two vibrant, instantly mood-brightening hues. Take a look at her top picks:




1. Boyfriend Orange Matelassé Coverlet

2. Brushstroke Damask Tangerine Nu-Mu

3. Lyric Paisley Decorative Pillow

4. Lyric Paisley Sheets

5. Candlewick Paprika Continental Pillow

6. Trimaran Stripe Orange Pouf

7. Aster Gold Wool Rug

8. Boyfriend Citrus Matelassé Shams


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