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Annie’s Favorite Color Pops: Citrus, Coral & Peacock



While we love the romance and pared-down, white-washed beauty of winter, let’s just call it like it is: without spring and summer’s bright bursts of flowers and fall’s ever-changing foliage, the season can be aesthetically monotonous and—dare we say?—even a bit dull. For us, the best way to ditch the winter drabs is by going hue-happy in our interiors. Thanks to this fresh new palette Annie put together, we’re giving our favorite rooms an energy infusion with the bold combo of citrus, coral, and peacock blue.


Annie took her cues from this graffiti-inspired cotton duvet cover. With its bright white background and multitude of painterly colors, it pairs like a dream with neutrals, for a bit of vibrancy in an otherwise subdued palette. But since the winter landscape is subdued enough, thankyouverymuch, she decided to amp up the  energy with some unexpected, and fully saturated, colors—a matelassé coverlet in a brilliant blue, shams and an embroidered cotton flat sheet in universally flattering coral, and a hand-knotted throw pillow in juicy citrus. She added in an area rug, an upholstered headboard, and accessories in the same palette for a look that’s bold, expressive, and terrifically art-smart.


Here’s how to get the look at home:


1. Selke Fleece Coral Robe

2. Estate Linen Citrus Stonington Headboard

3. Elisa Table Lamp

4. Chadna Citrus Decorative Pillow

5. Trio Coral Flat Sheet

6. Graffiti Duvet Cover and Shams

7. Boyfriend Peacock Matelassé Coverlet

8. Rope Coral Indoor/Outdoor Rug

9. Marina Coral Shams


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