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Annie’s Dorm Essentials Checklist

It might seem like graduation just happened—heck, in some places in the Northeast, it’s still going on, thanks to last season’s multitude of snow days—but in only a matter of a week or so, stores will commence (get it? Commence?) promoting their back-to-school sales and products. Since we here at Fresh American are nothing if not prepared, Annie put together this handy checklist of bedding- and comfort-based dorm essentials. Start stocking up on now,when the selection is at its best, and don’t forget to confirm that any bedding you buy fits twin extra-long beds!

  • An allergy-blocking mattress protector. Trust us on this one: you’ll want to minimize contact with a mattress that hundreds of people have snored on before your kid.
  • A mattress pad for comfort on those old, lumpy school-issue mattresses.
  • A Continental pillow, which Annie considers the perfect back, shoulder, and arm support for reading or studying in bed.
  • A high-quality, durable down or down-alternative duvet insert.
  • Two down or down-alternative pillows. Don’t even think about using the ones provided by the university or boarding school. For real.
  • Two sheet sets; one for the bed and one in the laundry. Annie notes, “Include instructions for how often to wash and rotate the sheets. This might seem simple, but when they’re away from home, students tend not to pay attention to these details.”
  • Two duvet covers, for switching up the look of the room.
  • One quilt for warmer temperatures and easy wash-and-wear maintenance.
  • At least one throw for an extra layer of warmth while sleeping, or for cozying up in the afternoon with a favorite book.
  • A bunch of decorative pillows. Many students like to push their beds against the wall and line up their pillows along it, for a sofalike effect when entertaining friends.
  • A pouf or floor pillows. “Poufs are a dorm’s best friend,” Annie says. “You can use them as seats, night tables, or a place to drop your tote bag after a long day of classes. Floor pillows are great for when guests come over, and can be stashed under the bed when not in use.”
  • Tech and cosmetic cases. Spill-proof laptop and tablet cases are a must for any dorm, and cosmetic cases are perfect for storing toiletries and makeup. Cosmetic cases also make terrific, inexpensive storage for corralling small electronics and extra cords, and for extra organization inside a backpack or tote.
  • A cute laundry basket or bag; we love the type with a hands-free carrying strap
  • A small tote bag packed and ready to go with laundry-night essentials—detergent, stain remover, fabric softener, and coins.
  • A runner rug, if you want to break up your side of the dorm from your roomie’s, or a 4’ x 6’ rug if you want to unify it. We recommend indoor/outdoor rugs for worry-free maintenance and easy cleaning (check out our tutorial), but if your student is willing to commit to weekly vacuuming and prompt stain removal, anything goes.


  1. India Gate Ink duvet cover
  2. Chadna Indigo decorative pillow
  3. Paisley Lace Stone throw
  4. Fresh American Solid Ivory pouf
  5. Mattress Ticking woven cotton rug
  6. Antique Batik Green decorative pillow
  7. Classic Ruffle White sheet set
  8. Candlewick Dove White continental pillow
  9. Le Tote Navy/Ivory tote bag



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