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Annie’s Color Crush: French Blue

Annie’s become pretty famous for her color sense, her innate ability to pluck just the right hues from massive paint-chip or swatch books and assemble them into unexpectedly amazing room palettes and textile patterns (even if she does occasionally agonize over them for a while—check out her recent post on choosing just the right wall color for her house). So when she mentioned French blue as her current color obsession, our minds immediately started turning with the possibilities . . . .

There’s a lot to love about this hue, a creamy, dreamy combination of denim, lavender, and gray. More sophisticated than navy or turquoise yet less attention-begging than cobalt or royal blue, French blue has medium intensity and an easiness that allows it to balance out both pale and dark neutrals (as in the room pictured above, by the late, great Billy Baldwin). It’s a natural paired with white, ivory, and other blues, but we also like to mix it with gray, brick red, and merlot. Try a pop of French blue with one of the items below, or go for bigger pieces (oh, that Anthropologie settee!) or combinations for a dazzling effect.


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