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Annie’s Bathroom Cabinet Organization Makeover

To say that Annie was a bit unhappy with her cluttered, messy bathroom vanity is like saying she sort of likes a smidge color in her bedroom decor. In fact, trying to find a favorite tube of hand cream or a replacement toothbrush head in the semiorganized chaos of her vanity was so frustrating, she knew she had to find a solution, stat.

Enter these genius double-decker, sliding-drawer metal mesh organizers from Deco Brothers. Annie likes that they look modern and sleek, and the open weave of the mesh allows her to see exactly what’s inside each drawer. The dividers mean she can corral similar items and keep them standing upright, thus avoiding the dreaded hair-spray or tinted-moisturizer leak all over the floor of the bathroom cabinet (and everything around it).




Annie bought the mesh organizers in both the large and medium sizes, to ensure that they fit the different parts of her cabinet, and installed them in a snap with some screws and a cordless drill driver. Then she was able to get down to the dirty details of organization.




While some drawers are the perfect size for holding tall items like jumbo bottles of shampoo, she set aside others by theme—first aid items, washcloths, sunblock and makeup, and so on. The drawers actually offer so much storage space that she was able to completely empty her countertops, giving her bathroom that clean, minimalist, spa-retreat look. For a burst of color, she added a lightweight woven cotton rug in a bright stripe, and the mini makeover was complete—in less than three hours.



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Beth March 29, 2017 at 8:50 am

So glad you love the space!


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