Home Decorating Annie Selke’s Home Reno in Lonny!

Annie Selke’s Home Reno in Lonny!


You know when you have one of those really, really, really amazing secrets that you’re bursting to share? Well, that’s how we’ve been feeling for the past few months. But today’s the day that we get to blast the great news: Annie’s home renovation, which is now complete, is featured this month in Lonny Magazine.

We love Lonny’s accessible, personal approach to home decorating, and their interactive digital magazines—featuring page after page of curated, shop-able stories—are an inspired way to find new interior design ideas and pick up décor and accessories to suit almost any space. This month’s feature not only shows the finished product of Annie’s labor of love over the past couple of years, but also offers exclusive insight into her design choices.

Head over to Lonny today for the scoop—and some pretty terrific eye candy.

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