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Annie on Starting a Daily Practice Yoga Practice: 371 Days of Yoga – And Counting!

Annie committed to a daily yoga practice last January, resolving to practice for 365 consecutive days, no matter what.

Here’s a few things she’s learned along the way:

1. You don’t need to go to a class to practice.
“Some days, I follow an online instructor and sometimes I freestyle to some groovy yoga-y music,” Annie says. She’s practiced in seven states, some interesting far flung places like Delhi, Petra, The Dead Sea, and some not so interesting places like airports and airport hotels. Read about how to set up a DIY yoga studio here.

2. Everyone starts somewhere
“I consider myself a rank beginner when it comes to yoga,” says Annie, “but already it’s given me greater peace, strength, and flexibility – I only wish I’d been doing it since my 30s!”

3. When you’re ready, the teacher will appear.
Especially if you have Amazon Prime. Annie’s tried out pretty much all the streaming instructors, and not all on-demand instructors are created equally! Kanta Barrios and Lindsey Samper are her favorites.

4. Doing anything every day – even flossing – is a game-changer.
Having a ritual is grounding, whether it’s walking the dogs or taking a bath. And being grounded helps us be less reactive. “No two days are ever the same,” says Annie, “and having a daily ritual helps me carve out time and space for myself.”

5. Yoga is meditation in motion.
“I have a tendency to be competitive – not with other people, but with myself. So my yoga practice is about honoring what I can do, what I can’t do, and what’s going on for me when I come to the mat,” explains Annie. “If I were making it competitive, I’d probably get disappointed in myself, and I don’t need that. Nobody needs that!”

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