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Amping Up Your Daytime Makeup for Photos

Jane and Annie

As her companies have grown (and grown . . . and grown), Annie has found herself doing something she never imagined when she first became a designer: going on tons of photo shoots and getting her pic snapped for all sorts of ads, print materials, and events. And although she prefers a fresh, natural look for makeup, she knew she had to learn to kick it up a notch for the camera.

So after having the makeup gurus at Jane Iredale show her how to create the perfect day look, [link to previous post] she asked them to transform it into camera-ready beauty. As it turns out, it’s not at all difficult to accomplish. Says Christine Orcutt Savolis, product training coordinator for Jane Iredale and our personal makeup Sherpa, “With our products, you can layer continually until you get the finish you want. It’s completely weightless, so you won’t even feel it.”

The biggest difference between the day and photo looks? The day look has only slight definition, with a soft quality and hues that enhance Annie’s natural coloring. Because photos “flatten” facial features, the photo look has more contouring, highlighting, and color, with vibrant lips that stand out—and can stand up to the glare of artificial lighting. Here’s how Christine did it:

1. Mattify, mattify, mattify. Because flashes and artificial lighting can enhance the appearance of oil on the skin, it’s important to absorb as much as possible. Christine started by brushing a high-definition finishing powder over the face with a chisel brush.

matte powder



2. Get curvy. To combat the camera’s “flattening” effect, Christine added a bit of contouring with a bronzer. She used a fan brush to sweep the shape of a backward number 3 over Annie’s temples, under her cheekbones, and along the jawline. Then she blended it with a large powder brush to soften any hard lines.

mineral foundation

3. Add highlights. Christine swiped on a bit of mineral foundation one shade lighter than Annie’s normal foundation on the top of the nose and the top of the cheekbones to help “raise” these areas by contrasting them against the shaded areas.




4. Enhance the eyes. With an eye shader brush, Christine applied a vampy plum tone to the outside corners and top of the lid in an inverted V shape, but didn’t go up into the crease. Then she blended it in. She also smudged a bit of the same shade into the lower lash line.


5. Line it up. To make the eyes look wider and more awake, Christine lined Annie’s top lids with a dark brown pencil, and smudged it with a brush to soften. (Note that while lining the top lids has an “uplifting” effect, lining the lower lids can give the appearance of pulling down.)


6. Layer on a darker mascara. While black mascara is too harsh on Annie’s fair complexion in the daytime, it looks va-va-voom appropriate at night or in photos. A layer was all it took, wiggled into the roots and out through the tips.


7. Give the lips a bit of wow factor. After removing the gloss she’d used for Annie’s day look, Christine lined and filled in her lips with a clay-toned liner. Then she added a matte lipstick in a mauve a couple shades darker than Annie’s lips, and skipped the gloss.



8. Say good-bye to shine. Christine made one more pass over shiny spots with translucent powder, and Annie was all glammed up and ready to go.


What do you think? Which is your favorite look—day or camera-ready?



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