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Amazing Space: Tiny Kitchen Inspiration

If we have to choose a single neutral color for a kitchen, it’s usually going to be white. After all, who doesn’t want a bright, clean kitchen that’s as easy to prep food in as it is easy on the eyes? But on a recent blog dive for new kitchen decorating ideas, this U-shaped, black-on-black kitchen from Elle Decoration UK stopped us in our tracks. It’s amazing how such a small space can pull off major drama, and with only a few basic elements.


elle decoration UK via sfgirlbybay


Let’s start with the unusual color choice; while black-and-white kitchens have been popular for decades, it’s not often that you see the black-and-neutral variety. And especially rare? A kitchen with a black ceiling. This one works—without making the room look smaller than it already is—because of the lighter and light-reflective elements—the iridescent tile, the recessed lighting, the glossy countertops, the blond wood floor, the chrome accents, and the white sink. All help bounce light to keep the room from being too moody, or, worse, impractical to work in.

Now let’s talk cabinets. From their floor-to-ceiling, asymmetrical configuration to the stunning grain of the maple; the mid-century-inspired, sleek angles; and the simple bar pulls, these kitchen cabinets are works of art. The only thing we’d love to see? More of them, so we could clear some of the clutter off those beautiful counters.

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