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Amazing Space: Simple, Sophisticated Boy’s Room Design by Blye Faust


We’re always on the hunt for kids’ room designs that don’t scream “Kiddie!” So when we came across this fun, contemporary little boy’s room designed by Blye Faust of ByBlye Interiors, we were instantly smitten with its balance of fun and function, and its upscale mix of streamlined furniture and eclectic accessories.


Blye Faust Bayview boys room 1


That mix harks back to Blye’s own varied background—she earned a JD from UCLA, and wound up in Los Angeles as a film and television producer and an attorney. After she and her husband moved to the Bay Area and had two sons of their own, she knew she needed to find a better balance between her the hectic entertainment industry and something she could do in San Francisco. With her lifelong love of interior design—she remembers constantly rearranging the furniture in her parents’ house as a teen—and wide-ranging knowledge of design styles from her many global travels, Blye struck out on her own as a designer. “The marriage between both fields has actually been incredibly seamless in that they are both really a way for me to continue telling stories,” she says.


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For this boy’s room, the story was clear from the outset: Blye and the homeowners wanted a space that felt cheerful yet sophisticated, and that incorporated little homages to their interests: San Francisco, music, reading, travel, and baseball. Blye started with neutral walls, and painted the trim in the same color in a gloss finish for a bit of contrast and a more contemporary feel. She then added subtle pattern by covering the floor in a nearly wall-to-wall cotton area rug in an indigo herringbone weave.


Blye Faust Bayview boys room 3


The furniture had to be comfortable yet practical—how adorable are those pint-size Panton chairs? —and offer a variety of lounging, reading, and playing spaces. The round and oval raffia baskets are an eclectic touch that lend the room a bit of earthiness, and make the perfect storage bins for corralling toys and accessories. And speaking of toys, we’re pretty sure we need one of those fire-engine-red, mini suspension bridges, even if the package says it’s meant for ages “3 and up” (we qualify as “up,” right?).


Blye Faust Bayview boys room 4


Blye, who considers the DPages, Elle Décor, and “anything done by Pierre Yovanovitch or Jean Louis Deniot” as her go-to sources of inspiration, offers these guidelines for anyone putting together a kid’s room: “It should be personal, be able to grow over time with its occupant, and should be able to withstand a beating! I don’t think I fully appreciated how important it was to design for durability before I became a mom, but I definitely learned the hard way on that front, and it’s now fully ingrained in my design philosophy.” She also loves that wallpaper is back, and encourages clients to try them in a kids’ room. “They sky’s the limit when you get to push the envelope with colors and patterns like you can with the little ones,” she says.

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