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Amazing Space: High-End Hotel-Style Bedroom

Ever have one of those experiences where you’re sure you’re in the middle of a dream, but you’re not ready to wake up? Looking at this decadent bedroom design, featured on Architectural Digest, gives us one of those out-of-body moments when we’re convinced we’ve died and gone to decorating Valhalla. And we’re happy to stay put, thankyouverymuch.



Photo via Architectural Digest

Okay, we’re not going to pretend that this this look is affordable or accessible, but it is, undeniably, incredible. Part of an extraordinary penthouse owned by New York power players John and Kara Ross, this bedroom takes the high-end hotel look to the nth degree. We love the whole, crazily luxe shebang. Our only issue is where to start. . . .


Designers Tony Ingrao and Randy Kemper brilliantly let that exquisite view do the talking by decking out the room in a timeless, subdued, creamy palette. They commissioned a custom, extra-tall bed from Jonas, which has been covered in a unique basket-weave leather by Edelman. They bordered it with a pair of matching nightstands—a key to the high-end hotel look—in white, which they used to showcase a pair of fabulous vintage Lucite lamps. And while we’re generally not fans of wall-to-wall carpets, we have to admit that the subtle graphic weave just works here, and makes an already generously sized room look positively endless.


To temper the paleness of the walls, bed, and leather settee in the corner, the designers brought in a rich chocolate hue in several of the accents. The most immediately noticeable is that swoon-worthy, sculptural Ralph Pucci International bench. But nothing says opulence like a fur throw—though we’d be just fine with a faux-fur version—so they casually tossed one over the bed. (Love that bedding? Get a similar look here.)


The more we look at this bedroom, the more we’ve convinced we couldn’t live in it . . . simply because you’d have to drag us kicking and screaming from it every day. To join us in our design reverie—and view the rest of this unforgettable house tour—check out Architectural Digest.

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