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Amazing Space: Feminine Sleep Sanctuary by Grace Home Design



If ever we needed to invent a reason to take a nap, this plush, pretty bedroom design by Jennifer Prugh Visosky of Grace Home Design would be it. Part of a chic cabin makeover for a client in Jackson Hole who had just encountered some serious life drama and needed an escape, this bedroom reflects Jennifer’s talent for injecting energy and vibrancy into spaces that are less than ideal in size and natural light.


Jennifer sat down to talk to us about this unique master bedroom design, with its mix of masculine and feminine surfaces and textures and modern and classic elements—and how she works within the motto “The key is to know exactly when enough is enough . . . then add a tiny bit more.”


Fresh American: What was the original concept for this bedroom? Did it change at all in the execution?

Jennifer Prugh Visosky: I always wanted this room, like the rest of the cabin, to feel cheerful and loving. My client had recently moved from the beachside in California to the mountains, which meant bringing lots of light and color into a dark cabin interior. Because the home is situated in a fairly dense forest, it would have been easy to turn it into a cave; however, we wanted the opposite effect. Instead of a cave, we wanted more of a light cocoon with lots of texture and layers of bright yet soothing colors. The Élitis wall covering  grounded the space and provided a magnificent backdrop for the rest of the room.


FA: This room has an unabashedly feminine flair, but it’s not over the top. How did you balance it?

JPV: The log walls automatically allowed us to push the boundaries of a feminine space without getting too sugary. We selected a few chunky, hand-crafted pieces from Dmitriy & Co and Lawson-Fenning to anchor the pastel palette. Our blend of fabrics included linen, wool, cashmere and faux fur. Had we used sheer or delicate textiles, it wouldn’t have had the same effect.


FA: Let’s talk about that wallpaper. It’s amazing! Did it become the basis for the room palette, or was there another focal point you used for the palette?

JPV: The French wallpaper company Élitis, is one of our favorite resources. They are genius with their use of color and pattern. I used this as the benchmark for the design but didn’t sell the client on it until after the rest of the room had come together. It’s now one of her favorite details of the room.


FA: There’s a lot of texture in here. Is there such a thing as too much layering of texture?

JPV: It can be easy to overdo the layering. The trick is to use a variety of light-, medium-, and heavyweight fabrics. Color and pattern also come into play. You need a little bit of everything. Here we have faux fur, wool, linen, and cashmere. Each brings in a different degree of hard and soft to the space.


FA: What are your favorite elements in this room?

JPV: Aside from the wall covering, I love how the bed is put together with the linens and throw. The light fixtures from Currey & Company are a nod to the surroundings, and the offbeat colors play well with the rest of the elements in the room.


FA: What are your top 3 tips for designing a bedroom?

JPV: Layer color, lighting, and linens to create an enveloping space. You spend eight hours (hopefully) in your bed, so buy the best linens you can afford. They are always worth every penny.




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