Home Decorating Amazing Space: A Southampton Reno with Modern Attitude

Amazing Space: A Southampton Reno with Modern Attitude



This season, we’re all in for simple, pared-down beauty. And this home—a labor-of-love reno project that transformed a dated 1980s Southampton ranch into an exquisite weekend escape—has us swooning over layered neutrals, the interplay of masculine and feminine silhouettes and textures ,  and rooms that are packed with personality yet remain blissfully fuss-free.




Owned by decorator David Kleinberg and featured on Architectural Digest, this house is all about unusual details. Exhibit A: the H-shaped floor plan, with rooms that radiate out from a central living area. Exhibit B: the clean white clapboard walls on both the interior and exterior. And perhaps our favorite part: the timeless mix of high-end furniture and antiques, beachy elements like wicker, and a blend of warm neutrals that feel easy and inviting, no matter the season or the weather.




Hop over to Architectural Digest for the full story and even more photos of this gorgeous reno.


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