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Amazing Space: 6 Swoon-Worthy Closet Designs

As we see it, there are three kinds of closets: 1) everyday, put-your-purse-and-pumps-here closets;  2) enviably organized closets, enhanced with all sorts of colorful baskets and containers for corralling clutter; and 3) blow-your-Miu Mius–off dream closets. Most of us fall squarely into the first category, perhaps with a bit of the second mixed in, but today we’re taking our inspiration from six dream closets—and getting the hang of (bah-dum-bum) what makes them so out of this world.

1. This sharp, sophisticated black-and-white beauty was designed by Catherine Kwong for fashion blogger Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific (and featured on Elle Décor)—hence the dual-purpose closet and office space. From the contemporary chandelier and desk to the multiple fabric-covered bulletin boards and the seemingly endless cabinets, cubbies, and shelves, there isn’t a single thing we’d change about this space.



2. Sticking with the black-black-and-white theme, we have this well-balanced closet from House & Home. With its almost completely symmetrical design and plethora of storage options, it’s full of everything-in-its place storage solutions. We also love the round ottoman in the center—perfect for slipping on a pair of strappy shoes and some dangly earrings for date night.



3. Shaking up the neutral palette a bit, we have this dramatic, shades-of-grey walk-in closet from designers Julia Wong and Angelina Briggs, and featured on Traditional Home. The oversize mirror is a stunner (and makes the small room look even larger), as are the clean organizational design of the dual hanging-rod spaces broken up by slender, mirrored storage cabinets, and the wow-worthy tufted red bench.



4. On the lighter side, Annie’s own closet, with its mix of sleek, modern shelving and drawers, and a killer packing island in the middle, is a study in how you can create the space of your dreams with custom building. You don’t want to miss her shelf and drawer organization, and color-coordinated hanging system.



5. Okay, so this is about as dreamy as a dream closet gets. Designer Jeff Andrews conjured up this glamorous bit of dressing-room magic, featuring a mirrored-top storage island, a huge vanity, tons of hanging space, and miles of storage for handbags, hats, and other accessories. Try not to drool over all the Louis Vuitton and Chanel.



6. Soft, feminine, and romantic, this wallpapered luxury closet by Mary McDonald, [link: ] one of our modern decorating heroes, is everything we could want in a closet. Large, easily accessible spaces for hanging garments, folded knitwear, and upright purses? Check. A visible place for every pair of shoes? Double check. A Deco-riffic mirrored vanity and lots of seating for when you need the opinions of several fashionable friends? Ding-ding! We have a winner.


Which of these designs is your dream closet?

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