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Amazing Space: 5 To-Die-For English Gardens

Gardening fans, this one’s for you. To chase away the rainy-gloomy streak we’ve been enduring, we’ve put together this sweet little bit of eye candy, featuring five of the most inspiring English gardens we’ve laid peepers on. Sure, most of us don’t own the palatial estates and hundreds of acres of open land these gardens require, but who says we just enjoy the view? Join us on this enchanting mini tour.


The Formal Gardens at Hestercombe House

English garden flowers Hestercombe House Somerset UK


These grounds, part of a historic sixteenth-century country house in Somerset, England, are practically the definition of English garden: meticulously planned; symmetrical; peppered with green spaces, architectural elements, and ornamentation; and bursting with bright blooms in varying heights.


The Topiary Gardens at Levens Hall

English topiary garden Levens Hall UK



If this isn’t a stop-and-stare moment, we don’t know what is. In South Cumbria, England, this garden design, which dates back to the 1690s, is fanciful and magical without being twee—thanks to those larger-than-life geometric topiaries.


The Rose Garden at Borde Hill

English garden roses Borde Hill Gardeen


Even those who find roses a bit too frilly for their taste will be enchanted by this garden. Created by Colonel Stephenson Robert Clarke from seeds gathered by the Great Planters at the turn of the twentieth century, this is Edwardian garden design at its most charming.


The Gardens of Abbotsford House 

English garden flowers Abbostford House Scotland


This Scottish baron’s estate was built by novelist Sir Walter Scott around 1822. We love the cultivated wildness of this garden, from the clusters of shrubs and tall flowers to the ivy that creeps along the wall enclosure.


The “Wild” Plantings of Gravetye Manor

English garden flowers Gravetye Manor


Originally built as a wedding gift for a society bride, this estate dates to 1598 and was once owned by William Robinson, a world-renowned gardener. Although it stands on a thousand unforgettably landscaped acres, we can’t get enough of these plantings, which at first look wild but on further inspection reveal themselves to be carefully planned to showcase different colors, flower shapes, and heights.

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