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The Adventures of Flat Dash in India

We’ll say one thing for Flat Dash, the two-dimensional doppelganger of the lady-magnet spokesdog of Dash & Albert Rug Company, and Annie’s constant companion: the guy gets around. Here we follow him on his incredible travels through India.

Dash sleeping off the 18 1/2 hour flight to Dehli in a comfy bed the Imperial Hotel.

Dash making friends with the very nattily dressed doorman at the hotel. He kept track of all Dash’s comings and goings!

All the staff at the hotel were quite intrigued with Dash and even let him ride on the hotel’s vintage Bentley!

While in India, Dash got to use many sorts of transport. . . .

On a camel in Agra.

In an auto rickshaw outside the Taj Mahal.

On horseback at the Samode Palace.

On the flight to Varanasi.

Dash visited a number of our favorite vendors, where he got a hero’s, welcome complete with flower-petal displays and elaborate garlands.

The display above was made from petals and colored sand in honor of Dash by those beautifully dressed ladies.

He toured the micro-hook rug unit, where he learned how the best-selling Cat’s Paw and Plain Tin rugs are made.

He had a nice tête-à-tête with another much-loved vendor at the Samode Palace.

But as Dash always says, “All work and no play makes Dash a dull boy,” so he took plenty of time to smell the flowers.

Got to visit the formal rooms of the Samode Palace.

He took time to visit one of Delhi’s treasures, the Lodi Gardens.

Where he met some fellow canines.

Went to his first mosque.

Got to hang out and get an ear scratch from Narayan from our Indian office.

He was a busy boy.  He is now catching up on some much-needed rest at home.


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