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Everyday Exuberance: Colorful Home Decorating


The word alone makes us smile, evoking daydreams of bright turquoise seas, a sunset in shades of marmalade and strawberry jam, or a vase packed tight with sunny yellow daffodils.

If we all love the thousands of shades found outside our doors, in everything from grassy forest clearings to brick buildings or our morning glass of OJ, then why do so many of us fear having too much color on the inside? It’s one of the great mysteries of existence, and one we hope to dispel. The fact is, colorful home decorating encourages joy, excitement, and optimism—and who doesn’t need a little more of that in their lives?

So think color, color, and more color. Make a statement by mixing bold solids, stripe it rich, or get cheeky with multicolor prints. Add color with textiles, upholstery, tableware, rugs, art, and decorative objects. Go sophisticated or go wild. Look here for inspiration, and then let your instinct be your guide.

After all, happiness is priceless, and paint is cheap.

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