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Cultured Eclectic Home Decorating

If you’ve ever hung a ginormous original wall painting over your favorite consignment-store sofa, set a two-foot-tall Oaxacan alebrije you couldn’t leave Mexico without by the door in your foyer, or cleared a shelf just for your collection of hand-painted rubber ducks, then Cultured Eclectic home decor is for you.

A highly personal and educated decorating style, Cultured Eclectic embraces your obsessions and oddities, passions and peculiarities. The Cultured Eclectic style develops over time, but can be cultivated by first thinking about what you want the room to look like—art museum versus Italian country house, for example. Then consider:

  • Curiosities, or natural oddities, such as fossils or petrified wood, that call to you because they’re interesting and make you want to learn more.
  • Personality—items that through their look, feel, or craftsmanship seem one-of-a-kind, fun, and quirky. These can be carved African masks, an intricate quilt made by your grandmother, or that polar-bear lamp you snagged at a yard sale.
  • Collections of anything from antique cameras to wine labels. It doesn’t matter whether or not you can explain your attraction to these items, as long as they express something about you.
  • Art, including pictures drawn by your children, a piece of sculpture acquired during your travels, or found objects. Surround yourself with pieces you love.

As you combine your passions with your decorating panache, every corner of the Cultured Eclectic room becomes a conversation starter, and every object has something to say about you.

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