Home Decorating A Summer-Ready Patio Refresh: Q&A with Designer, Author Emily Henderson

A Summer-Ready Patio Refresh: Q&A with Designer, Author Emily Henderson

Photo via Emily Henderson

Photo via Emily Henderson


We were thrilled to collaborate with Emily Henderson recently as she worked to re-design her patio! With two small children and very little yard to speak of, her patio serves not only as a space for entertaining friends and family, but as a fresh-air play area for her kids. With these factors in mind, Emily established a timeless color-scheme, chose furniture pieces and accessories mindfully and incorporated a durable yet stylish rug into the mix– a Dash & Albert rug, of course! Read on to learn what rug she chose for the space and where Emily gains inspiration for her designs.



Photo via Emily Henderson

How did you settle on an all-blue color scheme for the space?

It should be surprising to no one at this point that I am a big fan of blue. It is classic, it gives life to the space and it works so well with so many other colors. For this space I wanted to make the classic navy feel a bit more modern by mixing it with the wood tones of the deck and the black and white graphic tones that I used in the pillows and accessories.


Photo via Emily Henderson

What was your process in choosing the rug for your patio?

I started by coming up with a color scheme and went from there. I then moved onto picking out some rugs based on that color scheme/pattern whose materials would work well for the use and would withstand the elements of being outside on the deck (and the potential glass of wine spill every once in a while). Once I found the color and material I wanted it was just a matter of picking out something that tied in with everything else that I had planned for the deck.

inspiration board

Photo via Emily Henderson


What were some other Dash & Albert rugs you were considering?

For this space, I was also considering the Annabelle Grey Indoor/Outdoor Rug, Herringbone Denim Indoor/Outdoor Rug and the Rope Platinum Indoor/Outdoor Rug.

rugs choices1


Why did you end up choosing our Samson Navy rug?

I loved the slight pattern it has (which helps to hide stains) as well as the simplicity of it. Because there was so much else going on in the space with furniture, textiles, and accessories I wanted the rug to really ground the space without being too graphic or crazy on the eyes.




Photo via Emily Henderson


When designing an outdoor space, where do you seek inspiration?

I have gotten inspiration from cafés, commercial outdoor spaces, and even friend’s houses. But for this one I really wanted it to be a comfortable place for me and my family to hang out and play as we don’t have a full yard for the kids, this was really the only place where we could get out of the house.


Photo via Emily Henderson


What are some tips you could offer someone hoping to re-vamp their outdoor space?

Sometimes you can revamp a space and give it a whole new look by just swapping out pillows and throws. If your furniture is simple and has good lines consider getting some new cushions made for it or even recovering what you already have to freshen it up. Plants are your best friend when it comes to revamping your outdoor space. Find some planters that you like and fill them up with succulents, trees, or flowers depending on where you live and what you want for the space. It is an easy way to add impact and varying heights to the space to engage the eye.


What do you love most about Dash & Albert rugs?

I am consistently pleased with their quality and price points. Their variety of colors and the fact that they make almost every rug in every size (small to large) make them big winners in my book!


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(Emily Henderson’s photos by Zeke Ruelas)

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