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A Short but Intriguing Trip to the Bagh

Our departure from the much adored Samode Palace (see this previous post and this one) started out quite normally.

We wound down to the village that surrounds the palace on a cobblestone, one-and-a-half-lane road.  That’s when the fun began!

First, we came across a pair of elephants on their way to work!  Having never studied Indian rules of road vis-à-vis animals—cows, elephants,  boar—I wasn’t sure who had the right of way (note: I was NOT driving).  Ajit, our fearless driver, was at the wheel.  Well, it became obvious almost immediately that elephants definitely have the right of way.

Note the beautiful painting on this elephant’s face!

Almost immediately upon saying good-bye to the elephants, we came across a gaggle of goats! I believe the technical term is a a herd of goats.

They are seriously agile and not at all intimidated by cars, stairs, or people.

After they had mostly passed us, we understood their motivation for forward movement: there was a goat herder pushing them toward their final destination.

The goats were happy to share the road with the two motorcyclists.

As the goats moved along their path, we were lucky enough to meet some of the children from the village.

Then as we move past this action-packed patch of road, we ran into one of the fairly commonly occurring wild boars that seem to make the streets their happy home.

Moving briefly from fauna to flora, I loved the root structure of this tree!

One final brush with goats headed the opposite direction from the previous group before arriving at the Samode Bagh.  This ride was less than three miles long!

The Samode Bagh is definitely a destination worthy of our brief journey, so stay tuned. . . .


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Victoria Athens March 6, 2013 at 7:49 am

What an exciting experience.


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