Home Decorating A Love Letter to: Stair Runners

A Love Letter to: Stair Runners

What makes a product so good that it becomes a staple in your household, and you just cannot stop recommending it to all of your friends and family? In our Love Letter To series, we explore those can’t-live-without pieces of your home that makes your home truly yours. We’ll dive deep into the details of products and materials, and turn to design experts to ask when their advice—all of which may answer the question, “Why do I love you so much?!”
Our rug brand Dash & Albert is famous for its runners — in fact, many new customers discover Annie Selke when looking for a stair runner! These long, narrow rugs are more than just a pretty way to dress up your stairwell: Runners are a practical and luxurious addition to your home that offers many benefits. Here are all the reasons to love stair runners:

Say hello to comfort!

While we love the aesthetic of a good stripe up the steps, the number one reason to add a stair runner is to add comfort to your home. The softness and cushion that a stair runner and rug pad adds make climbing steps a little less onerous and add soothing to your everyday life.

Covered stairs are so cozy

Installing a stair runner instantly makes your stairwell a welcoming place. With a runner installed, bare feet will never get cold on the steps again. Rather, with a carpet underfoot, you will get a feeling of warmth as you climb to the more private quarters of your home.

Stair runners = style statement

Because runners create a continuous line up your staircase, they have a major visual impact – more so than your average rug that is only seen on the horizontal! If you want to make a statement, a stair runner is an effective and less expected place to be bold with your design — think rainbow stripes or even animal print!

The right rug can transform a room

A stairwell is a notoriously tricky place to decorate. Adding a stair runner is one of the fastest, easiest ways to give your space a new look without having to bring in a contractor or an architect. If you don’t want to make a big statement, even a neutral, natural-fiber rug can totally transform the look and feel of your stairs.

It will preserve your stairs

If you’ve got pets or rambunctious kids, you know how much wear and tear they can put on your home. Installing a stair runner will protect the steps underneath the rug so that they will last for generations to come, and for older homes to help preserve! (Pssst… add a rug pad for extra protection!)

Runners dulls the din

Not only do runners protect your stairs from heavy traffic, but they also shield your ears from the noise too! Adding a stair runner to your home can have a surprising impact on the acoustics, especially if your stairwell is in an open-concept space. Opt for a thicker rug for even more noise dampening.
Need some guidance in choosing the perfect stair runner? Check out our guide here!
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