Home Decorating A Love Letter to: Linen

A Love Letter to: Linen

What makes a product so good that it becomes a staple in your household, and you just cannot stop recommending it to all of your friends and family? In our Love Letter To series, we explore those can’t-live-without pieces of your home that makes your home truly yours. We’ll dive deep into the details of products and materials, and turn to design experts to ask when their advice—all of which may answer the question, “Why do I love you so much?!”

It’s springtime, and what better material to fall in love with than Linen? This year-round staple adds an air of
relaxation to any room scheme, with its softly rumpled look that will put you at ease.
Here are all the reasons to love Linen:

Eco-Friendly, and Lasts a Lifetime!

So, where does Linen even come from? Derived from the Flax Plant, this natural fiber takes a lot of time to harvest. The fibers are taken from the plant, stored for a long period of time to soften, and then woven into a fabric. Linen is long-lasting because the yarns are longer and wrapped tighter so it’s super strong and durable.

It’s All Natural, Baby!

Because Linen comes from a plant, it’s all-natural! And natural fibers have major benefits, especially for your sleep. I must have a plush and cozy bed—it’s the Taurus in me (we love our sleep and home comforts),” says Rebekah Higgs of DIY Mom. “So with bedding I stick to natural fibers, especially my linen duvets. Natural fibres wash and wear well, getting softer but never tiring over time. Plus they feel amazing against your skin.”

















Just like wine, linen gets even better over time.

Not only is this fabric made to last, it gets even softer over time. In Erin Wheeler’s home, she uses linen bedding, like our Antigua duvet, all year round and loves that it looks great for years. “Linen bedding is wonderful–it’s so breathable,” she says. “I also find linen just gets better over time: It gets softer and softer as you wash it. I just loved that linen feels soft and cozy.”

It’s Not Just for Sheets.

Your favorite summer dress is most likely linen, and for good reason! This fabric is incredibly breathable, and has a cooling effect—perfect for those warm summer months. But the look of Linen—that softly rumpled look—brings comfort and an air of relaxation to any space. That’s why people love to decorate with linen curtains, blankets, and throw pillows. But—most importantly—relax in a linen robe!

Wrinkles Are Charming.

Whereas some other beddings NEED to be crisp, Linen is meant to look lived-in. In Deb Foglia’s beautiful European-style bedroom, she opted for Linen sheets that are not only a dream to sleep in but add interest. “Adding texture in different fabrics is really important,” she says. “That linen texture adds a layer of interest without feeling like you have to have pops of color or pattern.”

Maintenance? Not for Linen!

Linen is naturally resistant to dirt and stains, making it super easy to take care of. It also doesn’t have a lot of lint, and won’t pill. Just as long as you’re taking care of your Linen sheets right (machine wash cold, tumble dry low, no dry cleaning), they will last you for years.
FUN FACT! All our linen products are designed at our headquarters in Massachusetts.

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Ice, Ice, Baby.

Okay, not really, but Linen feels cool to the touch, making it the perfect material for those hot summer nights. The weave of the linen fabric is loose, allowing for more airflow, which gives that breathability. Also, the fabric naturally retains moisture and dries quickly, which is why it’s recommended for anyone in more humid climates. Is it magic? Close to it!

Easy, Breezy, and just Beautiful.

“When I think about designing a space, I think about what is going to create peace for me, what’s going to create a space that feels like a refuge and will be regenerating,” says Faith Blakeney. “Sleeping really well is important, so that means a high-quality mattress and soft cozy bedding. I love a soft, washed linen in a beautiful pastel color. It might sound funny, but when you think about vacation, it’s about sleeping in and lazy mornings. You can have that all the time with linen bedding.
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