Home Decorating A Love Letter to: Indoor/Outdoor Rugs

A Love Letter to: Indoor/Outdoor Rugs

What makes a product so good that it becomes a staple in your household, and you just cannot stop recommending it to all of your friends and family? In our Love Letter To series, we explore those can’t-live-without pieces of your home that makes your home truly yours. We’ll dive deep into the details of products and materials, and turn to design experts to ask when their advice—all of which may answer the question, “Why do I love you so much?!”

To make the most of your hardest-working rooms – both inside and out – nothing beats an indoor/outdoor rug. These durable yet stylish heroes solve so many problems, you may be tempted to use them in every room! And why shouldn’t you?
Here are all the reasons to love this designer favorite:

They can go practically anywhere

You may think that indoor/outdoor rugs are most ideal for patio or porch settings, but they’re also well-suited to kitchens, laundry rooms, and any other damp or messy environment. When using indoors, pair it with our Solid Extra-Grip Rug Pad for safety and stability.

Hello, worry-free style!

Kids, pets, spills – you don’t need to worry about any of these when you choose an indoor/outdoor rug. “I love natural fibers, but lately, I’ve been drawn to synthetic versions,” says Erin Wheeler, the blogger behind Sunny Circle Studio, who opted for our ​​Bowline Navy Indoor/Outdoor Round beneath her dining table. “They’re affordable and child-friendly. You want to choose the option that works for your lifestyle. Especially if you have small kids, you want something that you know will be super low maintenance.”

High Traffic Areas? No Problem!

Indoor/outdoor rugs aren’t only a good choice for places you might spill, they’re also key for the most common parts of the house. Interior designer Lauren Liess opted for one in her bedroom and jokes, “My bedroom is like Grand Central Station with all the kids and dogs so I like durable rugs in my main bedroom.”

They are easy to clean

“With a dog and kids at home, my style has gotten more practical,” says Julia Dzafic, the author of the blog Lemon Stripes. She encourages people to think about daily life when designing rooms, which for her means less white and light colors and instead fabrics and textures that are practical for a family. Wheeler agrees, noting that indoor/outdoor rugs “clean up super easily.” For more cleaning tips, check out our guide!

Go Eco-Friendly!

Many of our indoor/outdoor rugs are made from eco-friendly PET, a recycled polyester made from water bottles. But this doesn’t mean any compromise in function: These man-made fibers look and feel like wool, but clean up like a dream. “The most exciting part of working with Annie Selke was working with PET,” says our design collaborator Kit Kemp, who has 15 indoor/outdoor performance rugs in her collection. “When I first saw the designs, I thought they were wool—I couldn’t see or feel a difference! They hold color so well, and will last a lifetime.”

Outdoor rugs are still soft underfoot

Indoor/outdoor rugs have an unjustified reputation for being scratchy, but because ours are softer than many other outdoor options people often mistake them for wool! “Rugs are the perfect way to add that interior element outside,” says Keyanna Bowen of the blog East & Lane who styled her porch two ways with our low-profile Marlo rug in platinum and the super-textured Zhara Stripe rug, the latter of which has the look and feel of Moroccan wool but is made entirely from performance fibers.

Synthetics are budget conscious

Indoor/outdoor rugs are also often cheaper than their natural fiber counterparts, including wool. Ten years ago blogger Danielle Moss bought our Birmingham rug for her home for the purpose that the design could be used anywhere, and it would last. “That runner is actually the same one on our staircase leading into the basement now!” Moss exclaims. “Indoor/outdoor rugs are the best of everything because they’re family-friendly, stain-resistant, soft, and the most budget-friendly runner option.” If you’ve got your heart set on a rug that’s out of reach, try an indoor/outdoor doppelganger.
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