Home Decorating A Light & Bright Nursery Design: Q&A with Liz Joy of Pure Joy Home

A Light & Bright Nursery Design: Q&A with Liz Joy of Pure Joy Home


We’re thrilled to share our most recent collaboration with Liz Joy of Pure Joy Home! The lifestyle blogger recently revealed her daughter Grace’s newly-designed nursery and we couldn’t be more smitten with this space, especially since our bright and happy Rhapsody Wool Rug is the focal point of the room! Read on to learn more about Liz’s design inspiration and her process in choosing the perfect rug.


How did you settle on the overall theme for Grace’s nursery?

I’m generally not a “theme” person when it comes to decorating, I don’t like to stick to any one subject because I want the space to be able to grow with the person or family without having to change everything over when it’s tired. I wanted Grace’s room to be pretty and feminine (lots of white and soft textures) and with little bit of a boho vibe and that was definitely achieved in the Rhapsody Wool Woven Rug.


What was your process in choosing the Rhapsody rug?

I wanted something that resembled a vintage kilim rug and there was no question once I laid my eyes on it!

What were some other Dash & Albert rugs you were considering?

I was considering the new Kenzi Wool Woven Rug (I DIE for that one) but decided that I’m going to save that more neutral tone for another room in our house.


Why did you end up choosing the Rhapsody rug?

I chose this rug because I know it will last forever and stay with Grace, she may even bring it to college! Its quality cannot be beat and it has a timeless look that adds style to any space.


When designing the spaces in your home, where do you seek inspiration?

I seek inspiration from different periods in history, different places I’ve visited and read about, my huge stash of magazine tears, and of course Instagram, blogs, and Pinterest.

What do you love most about Dash & Albert rugs?


I love that they are iconic, you walk into someone’s house that has one and you immediately know it’s D&A and that they know a thing about style. I like that they are durable and meant to be lived on, and that they are so versatile; they can be used in a nursery, a formal dining room, and even on your patio!



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