Home Decorating A Functional & Family-Friendly Living Room Makeover: Q&A with Blogger Jessica Bruno of Four Generations One Roof

A Functional & Family-Friendly Living Room Makeover: Q&A with Blogger Jessica Bruno of Four Generations One Roof

We are so excited to share our latest collaboration with blogger Jessica Bruno of Four Generations One Roof – her newest at-home project, a living room makeover! If you’ve ever followed Jessica’s blog, you know that her situation is unique to say the least as she shares her home with eight other family members including her husband, three children, her parents and her grandparents—now that is a full house! Jessica wanted to brighten and lighten up the room and incorporate elements both beautiful and functional (it’s no surprise that Dash & Albert rugs came to mind). Working with a blue, green and gold color palette, Jessica chose our eye-catching Temple Ink Wool Micro Hooked Rug, that, if we do say so ourselves, looks absolutely fabulous. Read on to learn more about Jessica’s design inspiration and to see how the whole room came together!


rug2Photo by Jessica Bruno


How did you settle on the overall theme and color scheme for your living room?


We wanted the room to be comfy, cozy and have a hint of coastal. We decided that blue, green and gold were colors that we all loved so when choosing paint colors and accessories, we stuck within those color families.


What was your process in choosing the rug for your living room?


We have an off-white wall to wall Berber carpet in the family room and because the room is so large, I always layer a larger area rug on top. I chose the rug because of its color and texture that it added to the space. The room without the rug is fairly bland and the room needed a pop of color. The rug is amazing and is one of the main focal points in the space. Wool hooked rugs, such as this rug, also layer nicely (no bunching or moving) over wall to wall carpet.



Photo by Jessica Bruno 


What were some other D&A rugs you were considering?


I love indoor/outdoor rugs for inside our home. We have three kids and two dogs along with four generations of adults, so needless to say, things can get messy! I considered the Poppy Cement rug as it was neutral in tone, but decided in the end that I wanted a big pop of color, so the Temple Ink rug was the perfect choice! I love its bold statement and gorgeous pattern.


Does your family love the design? 

Yes! Even the dogs love the space and find the temple ink area rug comfy.


rug4Photo by Jessica Bruno


When designing spaces throughout your home, how do you account for and design around the different needs, styles and tastes of the individuals that live there? You have quite an army living under one roof! 


When decorating, we try to keep things neutral and not crazy when it comes to designs. Thankfully we have another family room in the works (another project) that we are creating in our basement so we will have two spaces. My mom is starting to love the modern traditional furnishings and home decor so it makes it easier when we both like the same things! She tends to lean more towards the darker woods as I like the lighter woods so mixing and matching is what we try to do.


Where do you gain inspiration for your home design and décor ideas?


I like browsing Pinterest, flipping through magazines and reading about what other bloggers are doing!


What do you love most about Dash & Albert rugs?


Dash & Albert rugs are of fabulous quality and there are so many designs and colors to choose from. I also like that you can sort by color or pattern because I usually know what I want with regard to color, so it makes it easy to find. I also love “out of the box” designs when I want something totally different and random. I think the Temple Ink rug is fun, bold and unique!


Thank you, Jessica, for incorporating a little Dash & Albert into your home! Love what you see? Shop our Temple Ink rug here.

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