Home Decorating A Cool and Colorful Porch Makeover: Q&A with Rachel Shingleton of Pencil Shavings Studio

A Cool and Colorful Porch Makeover: Q&A with Rachel Shingleton of Pencil Shavings Studio

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Photo via Rachel Shingleton

It’s high summer and that means porch time. Designer, color-lover, interior stylist and storyteller Rachel Shingleton of Pencil Shavings Studio recently made over the front porch of her home in Oklahoma, starring our Dash & Albert Rugs and Fresh American accessories. Read on for the inside scoop, and how the whole neighborhood celebrated the big reveal.

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Photo via Rachel Shingleton

How did you settle on the overall theme and color scheme for your porch?

“I wanted to honor both the architecture of our house as well as our own personal style. Inside, it’s a mix of bright white, cool blues and pops of citrus shades. The exterior is a deep rich green with contrasting cream trim, but to me that blended seamlessly into the background and allowed me to do a continuation of the interiors onto the porch. It’s a natural extension of the rest of the house so it made sense.”

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Photo via Rachel Shingleton

What was your process in choosing the rug for your porch?

Choosing the rug boiled down to combining form and function. We needed something with visual interest, a size big enough to accommodate several pieces of furniture, and I wanted to mix-and-match the pattern of the rug with the poufs and pillows. Plus we needed it to be durable and able to handle Oklahoma’s crazy weather extremes. We see everything from snow and ice in the winter to torrential thunderstorms and 110F degree summers. But I had zero doubt that any of these Dash & Albert indoor/outdoor rugs would be able to handle it. I don’t know what kind of magic happens over those fibers, but they are absolutely indestructible.


We have a Catamaran Stripe Rug in our main house that has proven to be such a workhorse – it’s stood up to multiple dogs, children, neighbor kids, smeared peanut butter, and everything else we’ve managed to throw at it.

What were some other Dash & Albert rugs you were considering?

I felt like I should try something a little more out-of-the-box for me. I also adore the Swedish Stripe, Marina Stripe, and the Herringbone (so many great colors!).

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Photo via Rachel Shingleton

Why did you end up choosing the Samode Denim/Ivory rug?

I loved the graphic geometric pattern and the softness of the blue – not too dark, not too light. Plus the scale of the pattern provides the perfect amount of texture.

fermob bar cart pencil shavings studio

Photo via Rachel Shingleton

Why did you choose the Fermob Luxembourg Bar Cart?
The bright punchy color is a fun contrast to all the blue and white and I appreciate that the top has a removable tray.”

Does your family love the design?

Absolutely. We spend the majority of our time out there now.

How about your neighbors? Have they totally fallen in love with your porch?

Yes! Every time we’re out there on the porch, someone makes a comment about how beautiful it turned out. We had a big neighborhood dinner out on the Boardwalk a few weeks ago – everyone pulled their dining tables out onto the boardwalk and we shared dinner together. The porch was full of our friends hanging out, grabbing drinks and dessert from the bar cart, and lounging on the poufs. It feels like such a natural extension of the house. Perfect for effortless entertaining.

What is your favorite aspect of the design?

Probably all the bright color. I love finding exciting new color combinations and experimenting with texture and pattern. I was pleasantly surprised at how soft and comfy the indoor/outdoor pillows are. I don’t know why I’d ever use anything else, especially with kids or pets! 


What do you love most about Dash & Albert rugs?

Where to begin? The price point is great, the colors are always happy and bright, and the durability is unmatched. There’s always an interesting mix of patterns and stripes to play with.  I’ve bought other indoor/outdoor rugs but none of them have held up the way my Dash & Albert ones have.

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