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5 Ways to Bring Art into Your Rooms with Printed Décor

Here at Fresh American HQ, we’re unabashed art groupies—and we’re fortunate to live in a region where you can barely drop a paintbrush without it rolling under the beat-up boot of a sculptor, a painter, a photographer, a textile artist, or any of dozens of other visual creatives. So we have a deep appreciation for the role art plays in enriching our lives, and try to bring elements of it into our interiors whenever possible.


But what to do when you don’t have the space or the bank for large artworks? First, consider scaling down, and choosing smaller pieces, which can have just as impressive an impact as the biggies if you showcase them properly in your design. Also look for pieces  made by emerging artists, which are far more affordable than those made by established names.


Next, look at bringing an artistic sensibility into your room design with some well-chosen prints and patterns. Here are five ways to incorporate prints into your décor for a look that’s all about personal expression and creativity:


  1. Go for a large-scale print in an easy color palette on the largest textile in the room.



  1. Mix bright solids and white with a pop of print.



  1. Add a statement rug. Immediate room transformation.



  1. Choose wall art in a palette that complements your room palette—or go the opposite route of creating a palette around a favorite piece of art.

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  1. Limit the pattern to your accessories only—think pillows; throws; and decorative objects like candles, trays or bowls, and baskets.


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