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5 Reasons Why Coastal Blues Never Go out of Style

As Annie has been noticing for years, while people often go to décor shops—whether online or brick and mortar—because they see a dazzling color in a display or vignette, they most often end up buying neutrals and blues. Not that there’s even the tiniest thing wrong with that, but it did get us to pondering why blue, the quintessential coastal color, has such enduring appeal.


Like no other color, blue transcends all trends, decorating styles, and eras. Here are 5 reasons why coastal blues will never go out of style.


  1. Blue has an inherent calmness and serenity. Regardless of whether the hue is pale or dark, blue has a calming influence on the brain. This makes it ideal for bedrooms, but don’t overlook its power in bathrooms, home offices, and family spaces.



  1. It appeals to both men and women, adults and kids. Unlike more polarizing colors, like purple and pink, blue is one of those back-pocket aces you can pull out when decorating rooms that need to appeal to all genders and ages.




  1. There’s so much variety in coastal blues—from turquoise, sky, robin’s egg, and green-tinged seaglass to more intense shades like pool and lagoon—that you can find a shade that works with every décor story.


Surf Lodge Montauk via Laurel and Wolf

Photo via Laurel & Wolf


  1. Darker shades, like navy, ink, and indigo, are neutrals, so they go with any other color. As in any other color. Think about it: do you have a single top or sweater that doesn’t go with jeans? Exactly.



  1. It’s an instant pick-me-up in a decorating palette. Blues of any shade look crisp when paired with whites and ivories, give sandy and stone-hued neutrals a boost of pep, and help pop other colors, especially orange, red, fuchsia, and lime.




Is there anything blue can’t do in a room palette? Discuss in the comments.

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