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Paper Flower Crafts to Get You in the Mood for Spring

It’s amazing what some colorful paper, floral wire, and a glue gun can do. If, like us, you’re pining for the return of spring flowers, these fun little DIY crafts will get you in the mood. We’ve rounded up a few easy paper flower crafts from around the Web, so even though there’s still snow on the ground in these parts (sigh), you’ll be thinking spring in no time.


DIY Crepe Paper Hibiscus Flowers from Lia Griffith


DIY_Crepe_Paper_Hibiscus Lia Griffith


Lia Griffith pretty much wrote the book on modern paper craft DIY that look deceptively high-end. Bright, bold, and utterly gorgeous, these paper hibiscus flowers are no exception—and are just what we need to get us through to the real deal.


Watercolor Flowers from Love Grows Wild


Watercolor-Flowers- paper DIY Love Grows Wild



A bit of watercolor paint creates a stunning effect in this easy DIY. We also love the rough-hewn edges of the flowers, accomplished by hand fearing instead of cutting out template shapes. Pop them in a pretty ceramic or colored glass vase for a more urban look, or mason jars, as seen here, for a rustic vibe.


DIY Ombre Plum Blossoms from Paper to Petal, via Design Sponge


DIY ombre plum blossoms Design Sponge


A whole lot of precision cutting goes into making this stunning bunch of blossoms, but, wow, is it worth it. Not only do these paper plum blossoms look like the real thing from a distance, but the mix of pale and deep colors makes them perfect for displaying all year long.


DIY Giant Crepe Paper Roses from Studio DIY


DIY-Giant-Crepe-Paper-Roses Studio DIY


If delicate blooms aren’t your jam, put together a few of these oversized beauties, with the help of a downloadable template that makes cutting out the petals a piece of cake. You can also spray the tips for a gradient effect, or hand-paint lines and dots on the petal pieces, for the look of a hybrid rose. We think Mom might even appreciate these forever roses more than a bouquet come Mother’s Day.

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