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5 Fab Headboards You Can Make in a Weekend

Now that the days are a little longer and a whole lot brighter, we’re itching to get outside (or even under the cover of our garages) to indulge in a little DIY. Today we’re taking a look at headboards you can make yourself—in a single weekend, no less—for a stunning custom look in the bedroom.


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1. Upholstered Headboard from The Everygirl

This is as basic as upholstered headboards get, but we love it because it’s infinitely customizable. Want a plush feel? Use a brushed velvet or microfiber fabric. Craving a bit of boho? Upholster that baby in a bright ikat or block print. Try solid canvas for a nautical touch, toile for a bit of country, an embroidered Chinese silk that oozes exotic flair, a bold Marimekko-style floral for a Mod look, or . . . you get the point. This headboard fits any style of decorating. Period.


2. Pallet Headboard from the Thinking Closet

This one is a natural for nautical or rustic rooms, but how about using it to deck out a boho bed or warm up a modern, exposed-brick loft? It’s all about the wood finish you choose and the bedding you pair it with. Bonus point for upcycling something that would otherwise hit the trash heap into a beautiful piece of furniture.


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3. Our own Tin Tile Headboard

Annie first came up with this idea for a catalog photo shoot, and the results were so memorable, we’ve used it dozens of times since then. It’s a great way to grant vintage tiles new life and give your bedroom instant retro appeal. Remember to clear-coat the tiles and let it dry completely, to protect your bedding from any rust or patina that give the tiles their charm.


4. Tufted Headboard from The Idea Room

This bed was created for a little girl’s room, but the same cut-and-upholster method can be used to modify virtually any headboard. We love that it brings a classical sensibility to even the most modern décor, and it reads luxe, even from a distance.


5. Geometric Art Panels Headboard from A Beautiful Mess 

Kill two decorating birds with one stone by making this headboard, which both provides a dramatic backdrop for your bed and lightens up too-dark rooms. Making what you see here is a little more complicated than the average batting-and-fabric tutorial, but the results are well worth it. You can also simplify the design by positioning your panels on the floor in their appropriately spaced positions, then use large stencils to sketch out a more basic shape. Or go all Jackson Pollack on those canvases and splash them with a colorful abstract pattern. We’d pair this headboard with bedding in shades of dove grey, ivory, and white, and with layered textures and minimalist patterns.


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