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4 Fresh Decorative Pillow Palettes


Ask a pro interior decorator for his or her favorite way to switch up the look of a room without blowing the household budget, and the answer you’ll most likely hear is “Change out your accessories.” Lightweight, (generally) inexpensive, and easy to move and store, accessories are perfect for putting a personal stamp on a room without major effort, like repainting the walls or moving the furniture. Annie adores a fun accessory, but she’s an especially firm believer in the power of the pillow—one of the easiest, chicest, and most affordable ways to create a whole new style and ambience in the living room or bedroom.

Annie has put together these four fresh throw pillow palettes, and we think you’re going to fall head over heels for one—or more. There’s a spring-forward mix of coral and sky, with feminine details like lace applique, hand beading, and ruffles. Or to hop on the still-going-strong indigo palette bandwagon, try this mix of lush linen and candlewick stitching, plus an Old World floral and a kantha-stitched pillow. For a blast of bright color and sophisticated texture, she’s included this fun take on the classic pink-and-grey palette, featuring two unbelievably intricate, vintage-inspired embroidered pillows paired with modern indoor/outdoor (washable!) decorative pillows. And lest you think Annie has forgotten fans of layered neutrals, she’s come up with this seasonless brown-and-tan-based palette, which incorporates some touchable textures like velvet and linen with two graphic patterns . . . and one adorable pug.

So take a peek at these decorative pillow palettes, and get ready to make over your bed, sofa, or armchairs in a snap.


  1. French Knot Coral 
  2. Surina Coral
  3. Antique Batik Turquoise 
  4. Savannah Linen Sky



  1. Lima Grey 
  2. Trimaran Stripe Fuchsia
  3. Mingled Fuchsia 
  4. Flora Crewel Platinum 




  1. Laundered Linen Indigo
  2. India Gate Ink 
  3. Resist Stripe
  4. Candlewick Ink  





  1. Resist Tile Java
  2. Pug Natural Linen  
  3. Bubbles Plantium
  4. Velvet Diamond Java



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