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Inspired By: Protea Flower Fields

Annie’s love affair with African design inspiration continues (see last week’s post for the dish on African patterns), and today she’s smitten with the protea, a stunning bloom whose wide range of forms was so mind boggling to famed botanist Carl Linnaeus that he named it after the shape-shifting god Proteus. Take a look and you’ll see why she adores this unusual flower.

Protea field 2

The king protea, which comes in several color forms and upwards of 80 garden varieties, and has a thick, resilient underground stem that can withstand wildfires, is South Africa’s national flower. It lights up fields during the summer in South Africa, from mid-October to mid-February, and can be found throughout the Cape Floral Region, a major, 56-mile global biodiversity site made up of eight protected areas that contain nearly 10,000 plant species. If all that isn’t amazing enough, the protea boasts a brilliant burst of color and a dramatic, spiky-yet-soft shape. See how Annie’s using it in her decorating, and tell us in the comments what you’d add to the palette!


1. Brushstroke Damask Fuchsia Shirt Tail Pajama
2. Candlewick Fuchsia Bedspread
3. Candlewick Fuchsia Decorative Pillow
4. Diamond Key Lime Matelassé Coverlet
5. Embroidered Hem White/Gold Sheet Set
6. Sheepy Fleece White Robe
7. Fresh American Snap Kiwi Indoor/Outdoor Pouf
8. Sugari Check White/Ivory Throw
9. Toadstool Multi Decorative Pillow



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