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1 Rug + 5 Colors = Practically Infinite Decorating Possibilities

We may have mentioned a time or two—like here, for example—that a fun new rug is the quickest way to refresh a room. So when we start to feel bored with a space, especially at this color-deprived time of year, the first weapon in our makeover arsenal is a bright, patterned rug.


We first fell in love with this woven cotton rug a couple of years ago:




It’s got everything we could want in a piece of décor: the pattern is instantly memorable, the color combo is unusual yet versatile, and it moves from the hallway to the home office, family room, kids’ room, bathroom, and living room with ease. It looks fresh and modern with other bright colors, as in this design:




And its free-spirited charm does wonders to bring energy to neutrals and metallics, as the awesome Mandi Gubler of Vintage Revivals showed us here.


While all three of these spaces share the same white walls—a good bet for a rug this bright, though really any lighter neutral will do—their personalities run the gamut from boho to rustic and clean-lined modern. We love the entire trio of looks, which just goes to show how a single rug (or any statement piece of décor) can look completely different, and equally beautiful, in disparate spaces.




That’s also why we were giddy when Annie introduced four new sisters in the Gypsy Stripe rug collection. From warm neutrals with a dash of blue to shades of indigo, sky, and turquoise, plus a chipper pink-and-green number that playfully turns a classic preppy color combo on its head, these cotton rugs have shot to the top of our list for fast, easy, and punchy room makeovers. Which of these color combos would you most like to try?


GypsyStripe GypsyStripeDenimNavyWovenCottonRug_DA261_2x3


GypsyStripePinkGreenWovenCottonRug_DA263_2x3 GypsyStripeTurquoiseGreyWovenCottonRug_DA264_2x3

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Catherine February 24, 2016 at 6:16 am

Oh my gosh, I love these! Such great color ways!


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