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1 Rug, 13 Ways: Birmingham

Discover the versatility of Birmingham

Want to know the sign of a well-designed rug? It can be used in any style of space and any room of the house. Case in point: Our black and off-white striped Birmingham rug. This versatile rug works everywhere from stylish laundry rooms to alpine great rooms.

Available in both cotton and indoor/outdoor recycled PET fibers, Birmingham is a flat-weave, reversible rug. The simple-yet-graphic variegated stripe looks right at home in both traditional and modern settings, adding interest and style underfoot. See how these style stars use Birmingham in different rooms:


With architecture like this, a rug needs to hold its own. In our largest size, Birmingham is a rug that can ground even the most heroic spaces. In this great room, the wood-framed windows and stone fireplace set a mountain tone, and Stacy Becker, the principal of White Label Interiors in Seattle, Washington, opted for a classic rug to complement the space.


Here’s an equation for a happy place to do the weekly washing: Mix one part bold color to one part crisp stripes. In this punchy laundry room by The Sitting Room, an interior design studio based in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, a few small updates utterly change the feeling of a room devoted to utility.


In her son’s bedroom, stylist Erin Wheeler, the blogger behind Sunny Circle Studio, opted for a palette of blue, green, black and white, with a few dashes of red: The result is a crisp, classic boy’s room that feels fresh and modern.


In another bedroom, Wheeler paired Birmingham with a deep navy wall—though this one is dotted with tiny stars for an outer space theme! A midcentury modern-inspired desk and a replica of a Warhol give it a twist beyond the usual themed kid room.


Here, Wheeler shows her lighter side. This teen room was transformed by the addition of a black-and-white wall mural and a Birmingham rug, which break up the heavy, dark stained floors. The strong stripe keeps the room from feeling too washed out.


The Michigan-based team behind KLH Custom homes gave a graphic, modern punch to a traditional oak-tread staircase with a Birmingham runner installed on a two-part staircase. Additional stripes on the floor below, reinforce the graphic motif.


Known for their high-end kitchen design, Tyler and Justin Sachs, the brothers behind Stonington Cabinetry & Designs in New Jersey, know the power of a good rug to finish a kitchen design. Here the Birmingham pulls together the kitchen’s black and white palette and contrasts nicely with the hardwood floors.


In another project by Stonington Cabinetry & Designs, the black and white stripes of Birmingham enliven a kitchen that is mostly cast in shades of white and pale gray. A black range hood and black accented bar stools continue the color contrast.


A transplant from New England, Santa Barbara-based interior stylist Elizabeth Burns says she is inspired by the relaxed California lifestyle. In this cozy corner of her Big Sur home, Burns used Birmingham to ground a myriad of natural wood tones, including a barn wood accent wall and a playful rattan swing.


In another room in her Big Sur retreat, Burns used a large-scale Birmingham to help create a serene bedroom. Here the black stripes recedes when paired with white bedding, white walls, and light-colored wood tones.


A pile of pillows, a throw and an area rug turn this Airstream into a bohemian lair. Colorado-based interior stylist Kerri Cole tricked out the space for @coloradocaravan in a tight palette of black-and-white taking the tiny space to the next level!


In a restful bedroom by Lilly Taylor Interiors of Nashville, Tennessee, the Birmingham rug anchors a white-on-white design. Here, subtle, graphic elements (checked pillows, an angled bench, and a mod round mirror) push the look more urban. Just a tiny touch of bright green lifts makes the rug feel more contemporary.


Lisa Van Hoever, the influencer behind the Lake & Stone Instagram account jokingly refers to her personal style as “afraid of commitment.” A stripe is perhaps just the rug for someone whose style is uncommitted. A shape-shifter, stripes can easily adapt to fit a new look, if your style changes.

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