Home Decorating 1 Rug, 12 Ways: Citra

1 Rug, 12 Ways: Citra

Designers love our Moroccan-inspired wool rugs for their texture and luxurious feel underfoot, and our Citra rug is no exception. With checkerboard patterns trending, we have a feeling this rug will be a winner for all you trendsetters in the year ahead. If you’re thinking about bringing this trend into your humble abode, read on to see how designers and bloggers have used this subtle, geometric beauty in their homes, including one very popular designer team whose team has used Citra in multiple projects!

Pattern Play

Erin Wheeler of Sunny Circle Studio is known for her cheerful decor and playful pattern mixing. In her bold dining room, she used Citra to temper the room’s bright wallpaper and wainscoting.

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Use a neutral rug as a supporting player in a room filled with color and pattern, but be sure to weave the colors in other ways, like Erin has with the gray-upholstered chairs, so your neutral base doesn’t feel like an outlier.

Polished Minimalism

The home of graphic designer Angela Hardison is a study in warm minimalism with its white walls and calm, neutral furnishings. The Citra rug adds welcome texture and warmth to a sparse-but-chic living room.

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The key to making a minimalist interior interesting? Texture and contrast! Here, the cognac-colored chairs and black fireplace bring contrast while the deep-pile Citra layers on the texture.

Craftsman Cool

Kate Arends, the founder of Wit & Delight, has been lovingly remodeling her “quirky colorful fixer upper” and documenting it all on Instagram. In her basement at the bottom of the staircase, a Cirta runner warms up the terracotta tiled floor and mellows out the strong presence of natural wood.

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If your home is filled with natural wood elements, try bringing in quiet patterns like Citra’s check or a subdued wallpaper, so the woodwork–and your interior personality–can both shine.

Comfortable Elegance

Designer Emily Henderson and her team have a thing for Citra, which has appeared in many of the firm’s projects. In Henderson’s Portland living room, the gray and white check is a perfect foil to the midtowns of the olive velvet and slate blue window treatments. Says Henderson of our wool rugs, “They are honestly so soft, durable, stain resistant (because they are wool, not because they are magic) and so worth it!”

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Henderson is the master of high-low and new-old combinations. She pulls it all together into cohesive rooms by limiting her color palettes and favoring timeless, neutral pieces like the Citra rug.

Elevated Alpine

Emily Henderson used Citra again in this office loft space of her mountain home. A thick, wool rug like Citra is a wise choice for voluminous spaces: The plush texture dampens sounds and adds comfort to an oversized room.

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For a fresh take on mountain style, weave in elements you wouldn’t necessarily associate with a traditional cabin. A Morrocan style rug and a midcentury-inspired desk go a long way towards making this wood-paneled corner feel of-the-moment.

Collector Chic

For her studio apartment, Jess Bunge, the editorial director of Style By Emily Henderson, didn’t let a small space prevent her from packing in the personality. The trick was to do so with restraint. Her maximalist gallery wall doesn’t overwhelm because so much of the art has white space. Likewise, her love of grid patterns was limited to the Citra rug and the vintage art above the chair.

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Follow Bunge’s advice: “Just because you love something doesn’t mean it should be everywhere in the same room.” If you love a pattern—stripes, checks, or florals—be intentional about where you use it, and don’t go overboard.

Chill Charm

Lea Johnson, the blogger behind Creekwoodhill and a regular contributor to Emily Henderson’s blog, chose Citra for her living room update. “What really drew me to this rug was the geometric pattern and that it was neutral but added pattern and color to this space without taking away from the curtains,” she notes. It was only after she’d made the pick that she realized it was one of Henderson’s faves! Another plus: It hides pet hair much better than the dark rug Johnson had before!

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The key to making a family space feel serene is to invest in furnishings, rugs, and textiles that will hold up to the rigors of daily life. Wool is naturally tough and stain resistant, so it’s an ideal choice for a room the whole family will use.

Sweet Symmetry

Jennifer Gizzi of Making Pretty Spaces used Citra to great effect in her former living room. With its balanced design and strong lines, this room plays up the human eye’s delight in symmetry. Citra’s checked pattern was a natural pick–without becoming an overwhelmingly graphic space.

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When you layout two sides of a room to be almost mirror images, your design has a greater impact. But don’t be too matchy-matchy: Follow Gizzi’s lead and have at least one element of differentiation, like the two couches.

Organic Modern

Sheila Kramer Interiors, a design studio based in the San Francisco Bay Area, used a circular Citra in this sitting area. The round shape gives the space flow and allows for a more organic seating arrangement, while the soft gray and white design adds a welcome layer of lightness underfoot.

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Try a shaggy, round rug in a space where you want a relaxed vibe. The pair it with an eclectic mix of furniture arranged in a loose, casual style.
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