Home Decorating 1 Rug, 10 Ways: Zhara

1 Rug, 10 Ways: Zhara

The best rugs defy one specific style or look—and our monochrome Zhara plays nicely with any aesthetic, thanks to its neutral color and delightful texture. Stripes of nubby knots and sultry shag feel boho in a more modern space, while the off-white color keeps it feeling streamlined.

One of Zhara’s coolest features? Eco-friendly performance fibers that are made from recycled plastic bottles but still feel amazingly soft like wool underfoot. The fibers are durable, scrubbable, and are UV-treated for fade resistance. So, no matter what style home it’s placed in, from a quaint country cottage to a streamlined Manhattan skyrise, this indoor/outdoor rug will bring its versatility and durability to each and every room.

Interior designer Erin Fetherston layered a variety of neutral colors and inviting textures together to make this master bedroom design feel inviting. Wood accents and vintage touches complete the space.

Sweet without feeling saccharine, this pink-walled bedroom feels current thanks to trim in the same color as the wall paint and layers of white textiles for balance.

Inspired by the bold colors and eccentricity of the area, interior designer Michelle Boudreau mixes texture and pattern together fearlessly. To warm up to the room’s terrazzo tile and define the space, the relied on the chicness of Zhara. 

This bedroom’s factory-style oversized windows and exposed brick interior adds a masculine touch, but it’s balanced by the softness of an upholstered headboard and the shaggy texture of the rug.

So luxurious when stepping out of the bath, Zhara’s high-pile shag stripes underfoot feel especially cozy.Since this is an indoor/outdoor rug made from recycled plastic, it will hold up to moisture in a bathroom, too.

Exposed wood beams and accent trim against a wood planked ceiling create a cozy, cabin-like feel even if your home is nestled in the suburbs. To balance the all the wood, a textured rug-covered bench on top of Zhara’s tonal design feels just right.

A sophisticated living room designed by Bella Mancini Design looks like it would be right at home in a fashion capitol. A beautiful mustard colored wall color creates a stunning contrast against the blue-gray trim.

Don’t adjust your screens, this outdoor living room from Lauren Leonard Interiors feels like a tropical getaway. A bold palm printed sofa and beautiful Moroccan-style coffee table are the ideal spot to put up your feet and indulge in a cocktail.

This light-filled sitting area from interior designer Rachel Shingleton of Pencil Shavings Studio looks clean and bright. Upholstered chairs with modern lines, plus plenty of texture from neutral accents, are all set off with pops of green from pretty houseplants.

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