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1 Bathroom 3 Ways

Ever see a room makeover and wonder how the designer could have possibly come up with a look that so radically changes the space? Well, today we’re breaking down that idea and showing you three completely different ways to decorate the same bathroom.


We knew we didn’t want to switch out that incredible tub or shoulder the expense of tearing out the tile floor, so we kept those two elements, and the white base trim, the same. But we let our imaginations fly on everything else, from the palette and paint colors to the rugs, towels, and accessories. Let’s take a closer look.




For this happy-go-lucky bathroom, we wanted to think pink. But instead of going with a shade of pink or a blank-slate white on the walls, we went with a soothing, oceany blue. This not only helps the space feel light and contemporary, but also makes the bright fuchsia of the rug and accessories really stand out. We loved the idea of mixing patterns here, so we opted for an area rug with a tile-inspired pattern, banded white bath towels, and a shower curtain and storage bins in a bold, preppy stripe. The solid pink bathmat, white bench, and white wall shelves keep all that pattern from going over the top.


Get the look:

Samode Fucshia Indoor/Outdoor Rug

Signature Fuchsia Bath Rug

Signature Banded Fuchsia Bath Towels

Benjamin Moore Copper Patina Wall Paint

Alex Fuchsia Bins

Alex Fuchsia Shower Curtain—Coming Soon!




This look is the polar opposite of the prep-tastic pink bathroom. For a chic, minimalist vibe, we started by swapping out the pale wall color for a deep, intense blackened grey. We added an indoor/outdoor area rug in a subtle diamond pattern and a lighter shade of grey, which is echoed in the embroidered shower curtain and the metallic pouf—the latter of which can do double duty as seating or a table. The wood coat rack with shapely chrome hooks works for holding both bath towels and robes, but we also added a round accent table—shown here with a set of plush slate bath towels—for extra storage.


Get the look:

Diamond Fieldstone/Ivory Indoor/Outdoor Rug

Signature Shale Bath Towels

Sheepy Fleece White Robe

Preservation Silver Pouf

Trio Pearl Grey Shower Curtain

Benjamin Moore Nightfall




We decided to bring a bit of boho into this third bathroom design. We painted the walls an easy putty-toned neutral, and layered in some textured neutral décor—a braided round area rug and pouf made of eco-friendly recycled polyester (PET), a bath rug and towels in shale, and a linen-look shower curtain that has great touch appeal. But what’s bohemian style without a splash of color and some eclectic elements? Enter the vintage red-upholstered chair in candy-apple red, the petal-like pendant lamp in the same shade, and the 2’ x 3’ woven wool area rug in an array of vibrant purples and reds, hung up like a tapestry on the wall. Finally, the leafy elephant ear plant in a tall galvanized steel container not only brings an organic flair to the space, but also thrives in the humidity of a bathroom.


Get the look:

Braided Natural Indoor/Outdoor Rug

Braided Natural Pouf

Signature Dove Grey Bath Rug

Signature Dove Grey Bath Towels

Rhapsody Woven Wool Rug

Benjamin Moore Sleigh Bells


Which of these looks would you try at home?

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Catherine November 24, 2015 at 10:26 pm

I’m torn between two and three, but leaning towards three. All great options!

Melissa Horton November 30, 2015 at 9:11 am

Three is me!


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