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Looking for unique antiques with a story to tell? You’ve come to the right place.

American Classical Chest with Dressing Mirror

We adore Hudson, New York, for many reasons, one of the best being the singular throw-a-rock, hit-an-antiques-store shopping experience.* The more than 50 shops on Warren Street and nearby, featuring all kinds of history, from Victorian chandeliers to industrial art and midcentury modern consoles, are frequented by collectors from around the world—so if you see something you like, don’t wait.

Here’s a guide to a few of our favorite stores. Check out the Hudson Antiques Dealers Association for even more listings.

*Note: We do not actually advocate throwing rocks at antique stores, or any stores, for that matter, even if they are in really, really, ridiculously close proximity to each other.


Historical Materialism

Historical Materialism
601 Warren Street
Light up your life in this store, where you’ll find an almost unfathomable array of lighting fixtures and lamps, plus modern, machine age, industrial age, and midcentury fine art and decorative furnishings.


Neven and Neven Moderne
618 Warren Street
An unmatched resource for the cool, clean lines of twentieth-century furniture, art, and lighting, with a strong focus on midcentury modern masters like Paul McCobb, George Nelson, and Milo Baughman.



'Bubble' Chandelier in Glass by Luc Gensollen

Regan & Smith
602 Warren Street
Stop here—repeatedly—for a constantly updated collection of furniture, lighting, and decorative objects, with a focus on statement-making mid–twentieth century pieces.


Theron Ware
548 Warren Street
Theron Ware (named for the morally conflicted hero of an 1886 novel), just turned legal this year, which means we should all celebrate the big 21 with a visit. Its smaller size belies a treasure trove of rare European and American antiques and artworks from the seventeenth through nineteenth centuries.


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