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Your Decorating Dilemmas Solved! (Part 1)

We had such a great response to Annie’s request for your decorating dilemmas that we’ve decided to break them into weekly posts over the next few month, so that everyone can get some great tips straight from the expert. So if you submitted a question, stay tuned! In the meantime, this week, we’re talking color.

Lisa M. asks: I love color. Is there such a thing is too much color? How does one make the best choice with respect to choosing a color scheme?

Annie says: Really, if you are using colors that you love and in combinations that please your eye, then I say there is no such thing as too much color. I would point out, however, that in order for some colors to really pop, you want to pair them with what I refer to as “ugly” colors—colors that you are not naturally drawn to, but that are a perfect foil for a happier shade. Here’s an example of a color palette—lilac, burnt orange, fuchsia, rust, and ochre—that I wouldn’t have pictured working together, but when I spied the delightfully exotic rug, I fell madly in love. (So much so that I even designed a variation on this vintage piece for Dash & Albert.)

All the colors in the rug are of roughly the same intensity, so none of them overpower the others. And the sweet shades—lilac and pink—are offset by rougher earth tones, which gives the room both balance and sophistication.


Mary Anne F. asks: My sister and I are redecorating her bedroom. What is the first thing we should do/buy so that the rest of the room will come together? She has picked a style, very elegant shabby/farm style; no frou-frou. But we’re just not sure where to put color or not!

Annie says: If you are starting with nothing, then I would begin with finding a vintage bed you love. Look for a great shape, even if it’s in a dark finish, because you can totally transform it with a couple of coats of paint. (Dark wood beds aren’t popular at the moment, so you can get one inexpensively.)

The next step would be to choose a wall color or wallpaper, then move on to the rug. In many cases, I suggest finding the rug first, but a shabby/farm-style room can work with many different styles of rug, so finding the furnishings should be the priority. While you’re on the hunt for the bed frame, keep your eyes out for vintage or vintage-look bed linens, shams, coverlet, and decorative pillows—these will add character and coziness to your new space.

Country living periwinkle headboard

Photo via Country Living


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