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Why This White and Coral Color Palette Works in Any Season

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For as long as we can remember, we’ve loved winter whites—and the suggestion of a metaphorical blanket of snow covering a landscape for a period of much-needed rest, in anticipation of new growth to come. Not only are whites—think bedding, bath basics, and furniture—perfect for this transitional time of year, but they’re also inherently clean and restful on the eye, and they work with any décor style or other color. Whites are one of the great no-brainers of decorating, but let’s be honest: they can be a little same-old, same-old if not zhooshed up with something special. Today’s something special is coral.


By now, you may have heard about Annie’s longstanding affair with coral. (Need some evidence? Try here, here, and here.) She loves this midtone hue for a variety of reasons, namely that it’s universally flattering for all skin tones, so it makes everyone in the room look youthful and rosy-cheeked, and it provides subtle yet memorable contrast for a wide range of other colors.


At this time of year, a coral and white palette is an unexpected update on the traditional Scandinavian color palette of white, pastel pink, and pale grey. And because coral is a warm, orange-toned pink, it helps to heat up the coolness of whites and make them feel that much more cozy and inviting.


In spring and summer, coral is a sophisticated twist on typical warm-weather shades like fuchsia and tangerine, and it has a pretty, punchy, and not overly feminine feel. Coral pairs like a Technicolor dream with brights like turquoise and lime, but we still love it with white, where it looks crisp and fresh even in the highest heat of the season.


Here’s how we’re decorating with coral and white for a timeless, seasonless look:



1. Selke Fleece Coral Blanket and Shams

2. Thumbprint Coral Decorative Pillow

3. Alex Coral Paneled Bed Skirt

4. Alex Coral Window Panel

5. Trio Coral Sham

6. Selke Fleece Coral Robe

7. Tyler Coral Quilt

8. Selke Fleece Coral Throw

9. Helix Coral Flat Sheet

10. Alex Coral Round Storage Hamper

11. Herringbone Coral Woven Cotton Rug

12. Atlas Silver Bed

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