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We’re Crushing on: Large-Scale Statement Art

Just like we love a dress for its superhero-like ability to transform into the ultimate one-piece outfit, we can’t get enough of smart, statement-making décor that instantly ties a room together. Tops on our list right now is large-scale art, which not only helps to unify a room design, but also serves a few important other purposes.


Statement art has instant eye appeal . No doubt about it: as soon as you walk into the room, your attention is drawn directly to a large wall hanging. It also has major wow factor, thanks to its size and the amount of wall space it covers, plus the movement inherent in the piece itself. Art, in all is scrawly, brushstroke-y, or photographic glory, can provide rich contrast to the smooth textiles and the shapes of the furniture in your room. And you can even use the art as the basis for your interior’s color palette, choosing two to four hues from the piece and echoing them in your focal and accent colors.




We also love the ability of statement art to lend ambience to a space. Just take a peek at these photos, and imagine them without the art. The rooms are nice enough on their own, but with the art, they take on a whole new character—a relaxed, serene, natural feel in the neutral-and-indigo room; a burst of youthful energy in the aqua-walled room with the happily jumbled mosaic art; and a hip studio vibe in the white-paneled room with the  hand-dyed blue rug and abstract art.


We could keep counting the reasons why we adore statement art, but perhaps the best part is this: if you’re not one for lots of accessories, a single, large piece of art on the wall can be your one-and-done statement for the entire room.  Doesn’t get much easier than that.


Here are a few of our favorite picks for large-scale wall art.



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