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Vintage Revival

We’ve all faced the moment that strikes fear into the heart of decorating enthusiasts: Your favorite vintage piece—whether it’s a top you bought at a flea market on your only trip to Paris or a quilt handed down from Grandma—somehow gets damaged, and you can’t salvage the entire item. Or maybe you couldn’t resist a scrap of vintage fabric you saw in an antique shop, yet you can’t think of a practical use for it. What to do?

When life hands us lemons, we promptly turn around and make lemon-drop martinis and a blueberry coffee cake or two. (Hey, we can’t live on lemonade alone.) In this case, we took some incredible vintage finds and repurposed the small pieces into pillows. Don’t stress if there isn’t enough of a single fabric to cover a pillow—we like to think that’s why quilting was invented. And if you need to camouflage small tears, stains, or ragged ends, pay a visit to your local fabric store and stock up on trims. Fringe, piping, ribbon, buttons—anything soft or shiny goes.

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