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When fashion-model-turned photographer Cassandra Sohn takes a picture, people look twice. Sometimes three, four, or more times, just to make sure what they’re seeing is what they think they’re seeing. Her unique sense of the natural world, blurring the lines—literally and figuratively—between what we see how and how experience it, has formed the basis for an uncommon collection of travel photography and fine art, as well as a new gallery, Sohn Fine Art in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, that focuses not simply on exhibition, but on collaboration between artists.

Sohn notes, “I’ve always been really passionate about traveling. It’s helped bring an awareness of myself and who I am in the world and my community. And I love exploring different cultures. My fine-art work reflects this in the interactions between people, society, and nature—the good and bad, the tragedy and the beauty.”

Along the way, Sohn has also discovered a passion for sharing the work of other artists. She established an arts education program through Sohn Fine Art, and teaches regularly at schools in the Berkshires. She’s currently at work on a large-scale project that combines conceptual elements from nineteenth-century literature and the inspirational Berkshire landscape. Through it all, she retains her sense of freedom and wonder, and her quirky view of the natural world. “There is so much beauty around us,” she says. “When I soak it all in, I feel like I also have to share it.”



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