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A two-tone color scheme is one of the easiest ways to make a high-impact statement in a room. One of our favorites is the classically preppy combination of red and white, where the simple-and-clean white allows the “I’m here!” boldness of the red to stand out, and vice versa. Bonus: you don’t have to worry about mixing patterns, since all red-and-white combos will complement each other, so use the opportunity to be playful.

For this bathroom, white walls and beadboard form a blank (but textured) slate for the chunky-checkered fabric shower curtain, wood-framed mirror, and racing-striped towels. The glass shelf and accessories and the steel towel bar provide a welcome bit of shine.

On the table, a sassy jumble of patterns—stripes in varying widths and bold, sinuous vines—add some punch to solid red placements and white tabletop accessories. Remember to keep the silverware simple, and let the graphic linens speak for themselves.

This bedroom takes the two-tone concept to a whole new level, thanks to a knockout wallpaper in a floral design and a headboard and bed skirt in a look-at-me wide stripe. The accessories and linens add little pops of red—the vintage striped tumbler and the tomato-colored storage box on the nightstand, and the racing stripes around the decorative pillows—while the cottony shams and quilt provide texture and feminine detail. Meanwhile, the daisy-white moldings and trim around the windows and floors give the eye a place to rest. And we can’t get enough of the curvaceous ceramic bedside lamp with the oversize white shade—a perfectly proportioned and perfectly placed detail.

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