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Total Cuteness in Three Minutes or Less

It’s one of those days where you’ve got roughly a gazillion appointments, meetings, and tasks on your plate, and you can’t seem to wake up or catch up. Never fear: we’ve got the antidote to the weekday crazies. Take a deep breath, have another sip of Dragon Pearl jasmine, and give yourself an instant mood-lift with our roundup of the cutest recent animal videos.



Shiba Inu Live-Streaming Puppy Cam

You’ll want to bookmark this one and come back every day for a peek at this litter of teensy Shiba Inu puppies, born May 21, as they tackle each other, cuddle with Mom, and sleep belly-up while indulging in doggy dreams.

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Sleeping Kitten Playtime

While we’re on the dream theme, check out this irresistible clip of two kittens—one who wants to play and one who just wants to sleep. We’ll let you guess the winner.


Lambs Having Fun in the House

Edie and Dasher dedicate this performance piece to everyone whose mom has told them to stop playing on the furniture.


Magic Meerkat Moments

BBC cameramen have all the fun. Watch as they treat a group of meerkats to a new perspective.


Dog Days of Summer

What’s better than adorable ASPCA-rescued dogs? ASPCA-rescued dogs getting the star treatment in this video from Banana Republic, featuring the new Trina Turk collection.


Loango the Baby Mangabey

The resolution isn’t perfect and we can only make out about a third of the French, but we can’t get enough of watching Loango, the orphaned white-collared mangabey, in his Parisian zoo home.


Cat vs. Deer

Your cat might think she’s queen of the backyard jungle, but what happens when she’s faced with a half-dozen wild deer even more curious than she is?

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