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The Shape of Things

We can’t resist the little details that make a room come alive. And when it comes to rooms that are, well, lacking in architectural zing, details like decorative moldings are a simple way to give the space some character without making a center-of-the-room statement.

These moldings, featured in a gorgeous Georgian-style home in the Summer 2011 issue of Renovation Style, are just what the style doctor ordered. Bold shapes? Check. Elegant character? Yep, got that, too. Romance personified? With their Old World look and layering of architectural details, these moldings have hit the jackpot.

Decorative moldings are rarely cheap, but they’ll last for ages with proper care and are worth the splurge. Just do a bit of comparison shopping at your local home stores, and don’t forget the smaller mom-and-pop shops—they often have more unique selections, from fluted to braided, ornate Art Deco, carved with floral designs, or even the pom-poms and Greek keys you see here.

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